Whenever multiple people live in close spaces for any length of time, i.e. family, struggles arise because we’re all different. And struggles can bring stress.

sibling love

We all handle stress differently. We all handle disagreements differently. Which can mean arguments or frustrations or straight up avoidance of one another is inevitable.

But God is bigger than our frustrations. He’s bigger than our differences. He placed us in our specific family with purpose. And He wants to equip us to love one another well.

This 5-day challenge will equip your kids to love their siblings well, even when frustrations arise!

I can’t wait to hear how God’s Word and purpose for siblings will work in the hearts of your kids!


Each day I will give your kids a brief teaching (from the Bible) about 5 specific ways they can love their siblings AND I will give them a “homework” task to do to show their sibling(s) some love that day.

By the end of the challenge, we will have talked through why it’s important and how to love, serve, share, forgive, and witness to siblings in a way that honors God.


  • Talk to your kids about what they can expect and get them EXCITED about the challenge. If you have teens, this step is incredibly important. Perhaps says something like, “I know you love your siblings, and I know it’s a struggle sometimes. This week we are going to focus on some strategies to help because we ALL need God’s help to do this!”
  • Set an alarm on your phone to do the challenge each day. Even with great intentions for my day, often if I don’t set an alarm, I won’t remember to do even the best things. That’s why setting an alarm is super helpful. Even better, have your older kids set an alarm to help them remind you each day to do the challenge together.

Start the video course today to help your kids learn God’s purpose for siblings! 

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