Heart of a Child Masterclass

We cook dinner for our kids, bandage their wounds, and teach them how to ride a bike. We take them to church and teach them how much God loves them. Yet sometimes it seems like we are fighting a losing battle for their hearts. We pour into our kids day after day but it sometimes seems that there isn’t much “fruit” for all our efforts. Kids bicker and attitudes flair.

So how do we get to the hearts of our kids? How do we inspire them to work together as a team and strive to help one another in their weaknesses? Getting to the heart of a child begins with a family vision. Without a vision for our family, our family will perish. We need to know what we stand for and what we want in the culture of our home. Once we have a family vision as a foundation, we can move forward with winning the hearts of our kids.

In this masterclass, we will look at 10 practical ways to KEEP the heart of your child in a culture that will do anything to take it captive. We all want a family that works as a team and keeps the good of one another in mind. These practical tips will help you create a team mindset while moving together towards the family vision goal. I look forward to you joining me!

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