For families who desire to GROW in FAITH...

What is the Not Consumed Community?

The Not Consumed community is a place for like-minded Christians who see the importance of discipling their children to GROW in FAITH together!

It’s no secret that discipling our kids is more like a ride on Space Mountain (roller coaster in the dark) than a perfectly orchestrated road trip. Don’t let the little bumps in the road or the giant pot holes steal your joy. 

Come be a joy-chooser and live #NotConsumed!

Why join the Not Consumed Community?

  • Grow in faith through Bible study
  • Build online community
  • Access our premium courses
  • Download our free printables

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so glad you asked! Encouraging one another to be joy-choosers in all circumstances of life is one of my goals. With the Diamond level membership, the chat platform offers endless hours of laughter, prayer, and inspiration! 

Any time! There’s sure to be other mamas like you downloading printables, watching practical lessons, and talking in the chat platform at all hours of the day (or night). 

It’s organized in one easy-to-find location. Yes, my friend, gone are the days of trying to remember the last place you saved that cute printable file. (Cue the angelic chorus!) One click of your profile name in the top right (after login) shows the links to your profile, courses, membership, and more!

You can login using your email or username. If you’ve forgotten your password, then select Forgot Password? on the login page to have it reset. 

That’s such a great idea! The simplest way is for you to invite them to sign up at Please note that your membership login is for your use only and should not be shared.  


"Kim, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying and look forward to your daily support. I am in ALOT of groups but this is the one I want to open every day. I am so glad God placed this in my life right now. I am struggling in so many areas and this is exactly what I need on the very day I need it. "

"You were the first session speaker that I went to and when I left I was in tears and filled with the idea that I could actually homeschool….Without your wisdom I would have probably felt like throwing in the towel….."

"I love this...thank you for your time and the effort that you put into families. With God and your help we will have the best year ever."